Individual Taxes

Every US person, that is, anyone who is a US citizen, whether by birth or by naturalization, must file an annual tax return. The form that is generally filed is Form 1040. As of 2019, a person who is of retirement age files a 1040SR, however in practice there is almost no difference.

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Are you an American citizen living in France or considering relocation?  Are you looking for American or French tax assistance?  Our team provides American and French tax services of the highest quality to clients who are a good match for our services.

What to file ?

You must report all types of income, whether they are earned in the US or not since you are taxed on worldwide income. This does not mean you will have to pay tax. In general, you will most likely not have to pay taxes if you paid taxes in France, that is because the French tax rate is higher than the US tax rate so in general you will have sufficient tax credits from the tax paid in France. There are some exceptions to this rule. 

The process of determining whether you need to pay tax depends on many factors. We are here to help you make that determination.

Furthermore, anyone who conducts business in the US, even if they are not a US citizen, must file a tax return, Form 1040NR and report any income earned in the US.

International tax is complex, far more complex than filing from the US. Living outside the US often require additional forms to be filed and one must have a thorough knowledge of the tax treaty to make sure that you do not pay double tax. 

As CPAs we can represent you to the IRS should you need. More often than not the IRS might send out a form or a letter that can be dealt with quickly. If you are audited by the IRS we can assist you with that process.

Moreover, when necessary, we can work with you to plan your business to avoid any excess tax or reporting. We take the effort to understand your income sources and help you minimize your exposure to US taxes.