Tax Audit

Probably one of the most scariest things is getting a letter from the IRS.

The first thing to do is – Don’t panic!

Most IRS letters deal with small issues and generally small amounts – a correction or even a request for information. We have encountered many situations where the IRS will request that the taxpayer identifies himself/herself. This is because there are many fraudulent attempts to use innocent people’s information to file false returns. So more often than not, the letter is a verification of identity which can be easily dealt with over the phone.

Sometimes the IRS will want a specific piece of information – backup on income or expense. Oftentimes this requires translation from a foreign language. We can assist you preparing the necessary documentation and can expedite the process with the IRS.

If the IRS does require a more extensive audit, still there is no reason to panic. Most issues are resolved amicably, the IRS is not interested in fighting with you and will often see your side of things.

Our extensive experience with dealing with the IRS is invaluable to you. We will work with the IRS to resolve any questions and represent you to the IRS.

We urge you to contact us so we can help you resolve any issues, help you do an offer in compromise if necessary and guide you through the process until the matter is concluded satisfactorily.

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